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**Opening July 1st **

to be notified of earlier field opening dates* please sign up to our newsletter. 

*weather dependant


Located 45 minutes southwest of North Bay, along picturesque Highway 522. Our new UPICK field offers stunning views of the rolling hills surrounding the farm and contains over 20 different varieties of flowers.  

before you visit...

  • The UPICK field can be very hot, especially in the late summer months. Bringing sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses can make for a more enjoyable time in our sun-drenched fields. We do have bottled water available for purchase, but also suggest bringing your own. 

  • We are open Wednesday through Sunday, or by appointment. We are CLOSED from 11am-1pm as this the hottest part of the day and we cannot pick flowers during this time. The best time to pick is early morning, or late afternoon.

  • We accept cash, Interac, credit and EMT as forms of payment. 

  • Wear appropriate footwear. We do our best to keep the fields in good shape, but this is a working farm; there are free-range ducks + chickens as well as mud and uneven surfaces. 

  • We have clean snips, buckets, and jars for harvesting, as well as fresh water for the flowers. You are welcome to bring your own cutting tool, but make sure it is clean. 

  •  Flowers can be brought home in mason jars. We provide buckets for picking but you will need a vessel/bucket to bring your flowers home in. 

  • Children of all ages are welcome. We do ask that you please be respectful and remind young children not to run through the flower beds. We have mini bouquet tins available just for kids too! 

  • We do not allow professional or amateur photography in our UPICK fields. You are welcome to snap a few shots of your experience to share with your friends, be sure to tag us! Please send us a message if you would like to book a photography slot on the farm. 

  • Unfortunately, we do not allow pets or dogs in our UPICK field. We do permit dogs in the picnic area. Please do not leave your pets in your car. Please reach out to us if you have a registered service animal. *Pets are permitted for pre-booked photography slots but MUST be leashed. *

during your visit...

  • Head over to the tent to select your vessel and grab some snips. 

  • Time to cut! Look out for signage in every row for tips on how to cut each variety.

  • Expect to spend about an hour in the field selecting and cutting your flowers. Please keep our closing times in mind when you arrive to pick. 

  • When you are done, head back over to the tent for checkout and to transfer your beautiful flowers into your own vessel for the trip home. Enjoy your freshly cut flowers! 

after your visit...

  • Try to take your flowers right home. Do not leave them in a hot car, and try to avoid direct sunlight if possible.

  • If you are going to transfer your flowers into a vase, give it a good clean with soap (or even a touch of bleach). Bacteria can clog the stems of your flowers and decrease their ability to absorb water, so you want to be sure your vessel is clean. 

  • Cut your stems at a 45 degree angle before placing them in their new vessel. Use clean scissors or snips. 

  • Make sure there are no leaves beneath the water line as this will cause a quicker build up of bacteria. 

  • Try to change the water every 2-3 days to extend vase life. 

  • Enjoy!


Mason Jar- $25

Includes the jar and as many stems as you can fit!

Mini Tin- $5

Designed for the youngest visitors to our UPICK field. Our mini tins are the perfect way to introduce the joy of flowers to your little ones. 

Bucket- $75

Perfect for DIY brides, baby showers, small events, or anyone who LOVES flowers as much as we do. We provide the buckets for picking but please bring your own to take your flowers home in. Usually includes 60-70 stems. 

General Admission- $5

Walk the flower fields, have a picnic, or take a stroll along our walking trail. Admission is included in the mason jar & bucket fees. Children 12 and under are FREE. 

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